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1A. Preserving and Fermentation. (Hands-on Cooking Class) 

In this class, you will learn techniques of lacto-fermentation and pickling, and the science of sourdough fermentation; various methods of Italian preserving techniques (preserving in oil, vinegar, or alcohol); and how to make classic Italian giardiniera (mixed vegetable pickle). Instructors: Dame Louise Nielsen, Chef Instructor, Anne Arundel Community College; Dame Domenica Marchetti, Author, Preserving Italy: Canning, Curing, Infusing, and Bottling Italian Flavors

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1B. “Trucs” of the Trade. (Demo)

“Trucs” means “tricks” in French, and these food experts show rapid- fire tricks to save time in cooking, baking, and food presentation. Speakers: M. Carrie Allan, Wine and Spirits Writer; Dames Tricia King, Gluten-free Pastry Chef; Sheilah Kaufman, Cookbook Author; Susan James, Owner, Stonyman Gourmet Farmer. Chair: Dame Nancy Baggett, Cookbook Author 

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1C. Foraging...The Art of Sourcing Local Products.  

Learn what people are looking for from experts who are at the heart of local food trends. Foragers, food entrepreneurs, and growers discuss what inspires and challenges them. Speakers: Dame Suzanne Simon, Owner, Chaia-Farm to Taco; Amanda Cather, Plow & Stars Farm LLC; Courtney Buchholtz, From the Earth Foods. Chair: Dame Kavita Patel, Senior Director of Local Programs, Whole Foods Market 


1D. Writing Family Food Memoirs.  

Learn how to create a cherished family cookbook that preserves family memories for the next generation; includes how to get children and family members to tell their stories and how to write engaging family stories with proven writing tips. Speakers: Dianne Hennessy King, Author, Memoir Your Way; Dame Susan Barocas, Chef, Food Writer, Filmmaker; Constance Carter, Former Head, Library of Congress Science Reference Section. Chair: Dame Bonnie Benwick, Deputy Food Editor, Washington Post 


2A. Puff Pastry Techniques. (Hands-on Cooking Class). 

Perfecting persnickety puff pastry. Tips on making, using, and perfecting puff pastry dough for both savory and sweet recipes. Dame Beverly Bates-Coakley, Pastry Chef; Dame Alba Carbonaro Johnson, Chef, Cooking Instructor, Food Blogger, Cookbook Author


2B. The Exotic Art of Blending Spices. (Demo)

Learn the art of blending and layering spices to create the perfect balance of  flavors that will enliven your cooking and deepen your understanding of Indian cuisine. Simran Sethi, Director, Culinary R&D and Product Development, Choolaah Indian BBQ; Chair: Dame Katherine Newell Smith, KNS Promotion Inc.


2C. Food Heritage of the Chesapeake.  

Travel through 400 years of Chesapeake region food history from the first settlers, Indians, lavish plantation tables, and immigrant groups to present Mid-Atlantic dishes and spirits; hear the history of area farmers markets. Speakers: Dame Ann Harvey Yonkers, Cofounder, past Co-Executive Director, FRESHFARM MARKETS; Dame Theresa Morrison, Wine Importer, Bacchus Wealth Management. Speaker and Chair: Dame CiCi Williamson, Culinary Historian, Food/Travel Writer


2D. Culinary Diplomacy: Peace, One Plate at a Time. 

Culinary Diplomacy: Peace, One Plate at a Time. Food has been a tool for centuries. Explore its role in current public diplomacy and how it can help to foster greater understanding—both locally and internationally. Speakers: Johanna Mendelson Forman, Ph.D., J.D., Conflict Cuisine; TBD, a member of The Culinary Diplomacy Project. Chair: Dame Ris Lacoste, Chef/Owner, RIS Restaurant


3A. Knife Skills. (Hands-on Cooking Class)  

This class will focus on how the type of cut you choose will affect cooking time and temperature and the taste of your food. Learn about knife selection, care, and safety. Simple cuts will be demonstrated and there will be time for practice. Dame Susan Callahan, Chef instructor, UMES Hospitality and Tourism Management Program; Jenna Dawson, Chef Instructor, Cookology


3B. Vanilla: The World’s Favorite Flavor. (Demo) 

Call it anything but plain— the history, botany, and taste sensations that made vanilla the world’s most favorite flavor; with sweet and savory tastings. Dame Kathy Gold (Philadelphia), Executive Chef and Owner, In the Kitchen Cooking Company. Chair: Dame Monica Thomas, CPC, Certified Personal Chef and Owner of Tailored Taste Personal Chef Service


3C. Food Porn.

“Food porn” is defined as “close-up images of juicy, delicious food in advertisements.” This session takes a look at its evolution— via websites, blogs, and smartphone apps— and food porn’s impact on health, technology, and the food industry. Hear what works and why. Dame Kristen Hartke, Food and Beverage Writer; Dame Marie Ostrosky, Owner, Grey Salt Culinary.  


3D. Women Food Entrepreneurs.

Choosing to open a food business can lead to an extremely creative and rewarding career. Join us for a frank discussion with women who are owner/operators of successful diverse food businesses. Speakers: Dame Stacey Adams, Chef/Owner, Tastings Gourmet Market, Annapolis; Dame Sophia Maroon, Founder/Owner, Dress It Up Dressing. Dame Cristianne Ricchi, Chef/Owner, i Ricci Ristorante; Chair: Dame Drew Faulkner, Chef, Cooking Teacher


4A. Rock & Roll Your Pie Crust. (Hands-on Cooking Class)

No more doughphobia! Learn to make a fail-safe pie crust, roll it out, and decorate with panache. Students will leave with confidence, award-winning recipes, and their own fruit pie to bake at home. Dame Susan Wallace, Chef/Owner, SWEETFREAKZ; Dame Cathy Barrow, Cookbook Author


4B. Dumplings Along the Silk Road. (Demo)

Take a virtual journey along the Silk Road—from Venice to China— to understand the role of dumplings in European and Asian cuisines. Enjoy dumpling samples. This session is a Global Culinary Initiative of Les Dames. Speakers: Dame Janet Cam, Restaurant Consultant; Timothy Yu, Chef, Hollywood East Cafe; Keshav Poudel, Nepalese Chef. Chair: Dame Amy Riolo, Author, Cuisine and Culture Expert


4C. How-to Secrets of Those High-End Culinary Machines. 

Learn from the pros the many ways to put your all-in-one cookers, super blenders, and other hot new products to work for you. Speakers: Representatives from major appliance companies. Chair: Dame Julia Rutland, Recipe Developer and Tester, Food Stylist


4D. The Women of Maryland Craft Beverages. 

Meet some of the dynamic women who are moving Maryland’s historic craft beverage production forward. Small, local, high-quality beer, wine, spirits, and cider industries reflect an appreciation for the state’s heritage while at the same time innovating to take craft beverages into the future. Chair: Dame Janna Howley, Director of Operations, Grow & Fortify